Beer Can Island (YouTube Version)

by Raley Beggs and Jordan Escobar

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A collaboration with poet Jordan Escobar, this song is based on the real life Beer Can Island. It recalls growing up in Tampa Florida with an underage booze connection and a 12 foot aluminum john boat.


Beer Can Island by Jordan Escobar

This mound of pagans perched
fifteen miles from the coast
of Tampa. Hot buzz and the swarm
of little fish beneath the outrigger.
Fifteen miles in fifteen years,
a smudge of sweat like a whisper
of mustache on their trembling lips.
Quivering beyond shuttled rage,
beyond rattling cans and the pleading
look of a boy outside a liquor store.
Hey Mister​, more a demand than a question.
And what booted God could deny youth
their deliverance? An aluminum prow
and the green paint peeling. This is
what it feels like to feed a life:
a warm slurp, a husky choke,
eyes that roll back to nothingness
and see everything.


released December 4, 2019


all rights reserved